1.What is the heating mechanism of the Heated Garment?
Answer: In the garment, there is a heating module which consist of nanometer heating fiber inside, when connected with the power bank, the current may flow from power bank through the heating fiber and transform the electricity energy of the power bank to heat energy of the heated garment.
By adjusting the level of the current from the power bank, the electricity energy which equal to the heat energy can be adjusted, thus the temperature of the heated garment can be adjusted.
This mechanism is more like the traditional heated blanket, the main difference is the power used in traditional heated blanket is using the city power, while the heated garment is using +5V USB power bank, besides that, the heating element is different.

2.What is the difference between Heated garment and traditional garment?


Item Traditional Garment Heated Garment
Warm mechanism Only keep partial of the heat energy generated by body, no extra energy, temperature won’t higher than body temperature Besides keeping the heat generated by body, the garment can provide extra heat, the temperature may be higher than the body temperature
Energy resource From body From body + extra energy from power bank
Thickness by getting the same warmth Thick, heavy Thin, light
Temperature adjustment Wear one more cloth or take off one cloth Just press one button
New Feature No Yes
Anti-copy No patent protection, easy to copy Patent protection, hard to copy



  1. Technology difference between Sceiba and other company ?

Answer: Reliable is the most advantages of Sceiba heating technology and products.


Technology of Sceiba VS Technology of others
Item Difference Item Difference
Nanometer Alloy heating fibers 1.Tensile strength is strong between fiber axial direcition and radial direction, fiber is hard to broken Carbon fiber 1.      Strong in axial direction but easy to break in radial direction
2.Alloy material, electrical connection reliability is high 2.Carbon material, electrical connection reliability is medium to low
3.Very soft, durability and reliability in washing is high 3.Durability and reliability in washing is medium to low
Insulation material Unique material, Food grade700% elongation Insulation material Normal material
Connection wire Unique design, bending cycle is more than 100,000 cycles, only two very soft and thin wires Connection wire Normal copper wire, bending cycle is less than 2,000 cycles, a lot of rigid and wires inside
5V USB power bank Compatible, low cost Special battery pack and charger Not compatible, high cost
Snap button power port  One hand, single press operation DC port Two hands mating operation
Extensible Extensible with underwear, coat, glove, sock and so on Extensible Not extensible
Elasticity High elasticity, comfortable in garment Elasticity Low elasticity, rigid in garment
Temperature controller Compatible, All product can share same temperature controller Temperature controller Only for single product
Heating module assembly in garment process Easy Heating module assembly in garment process Hard
Patent protection Yes Patent protection Unknown
Technical support Full process Technical support Unknown
Certification SGS certification Certification Unknown
Product technology


Long term product development roadmap Product technology




4.IS Sceiba heating module safe? Is there any risk of electrical shocked?

Answer: The Heating module is safe and won’t get shocked, because:
1.The garment power supply is 5 Volt power bank, the highest voltage of all system is less than 12V, which is far below the human safe power level 36 Volt
2.All electrical part is insulate, no power may flow through human body
3.If there is any shortage, temperature controller will shut off immediately
4.When garment is in heating, even cut the heating module with scissor and hold the cut area, there isn’t any uncomfortable found
5.Safety certification passed.

5.What is the RF level of Sceiba heated garment/heated module ?
EMC test passed and certificated by SGS.
When the heated module isn’t powered on, there isn’t any current, thus there isn’t any RF detected
When the heated garment is powered on, the RF level is far more less than mobile phone

6.Is Sceiba heating module washable?
Answer: Heated module is washable, water washing test 40cycles, dry wash test 20 cycles.

7.Where is the heating zone? What is the maximum heating power? What is the heating temperature and time.

Base on different product configuration, the heating zone can be in the back, knee, chest or other location

The maximum heating power is 8 Watts

There are three heating settings and cycle adjustable by just press the button in the temperature controller. in high temperature level, the garment can be heated up to 30+/-2 degrees, in medium temperature level, the garment can be heated up to 20+/- 2 degrees, in low temperature level, the garment can be heated up to 10+/-2 degrees.

The heating time is proportional to the power bank capacity, for example, for 10000mAh power bank, in high temperature setting, the heating time can last 4 hours, in medium temperature setting, the heating time can last 6 hours, in low temperature level, it can last 8 hours.

8.How to use heated garment product ?
Answer: Please refer to the user manual.

9.What product may cooperate with Sceiba?
Answer: Heating module for below product categories are available:
Heated underwear, heated coat, heated sock, heated glove, heated eye mask, heated neck cushion, heated waist band and so on.

10.In OEM,heating module service, what technical support Sceiba will provide?
Answer: Instead of just selling some heating modules, Sceiba may provide technical support in the whole process.
1.In the beginning stage, we will provide sample, relevant documents and training to customer to understand Sceiba product, technology, marketing situation and development trend.
2.In prototype stage, Sceiba will work with customer design personnel to create the product production process, fine tune the heated module to best fit customer production process and training customer how to assembly the heating module in customer product.
3.In mass production, Sceiba will provide the testing/inspection training to customer.
4.In product market promotion, Sceiba will provide a standard product marketing document package to customer for reference
5.In after sales, Sceiba will provide failure analysis service.

11.What is the using condition for the heating mouldule ?
Answer: The environment for the heated garment/heating module is:
Environmental temperature: -40°C ~ 35°C
Environmental humidity: 0% ~ 90%

While for the power bank the user bought on the market, it depends on the battery cell of the power bank, and need to ensure the power bank is working in rated working temperature range.
Sceiba may provide power bank as well, there are two types of the power bank available as below:

For normal type:
Environmental temperature: -10°C ~ 35°C
Environmental humidity: 0% ~ 90%

For low temperature type:
Environmental temperature: -40°C ~ 35°C
Environmental humidity: 0% ~ 90%

12. Besides garment heating module, Is there any other business area Sceiba can support?
Answer: Sceiba separate the garment as two categories, one is active garment which needs power supply, the other is passive garment, which doesn’t need power supply.
Sceiba only focus in the active garment area, a long term and wide range technology road map has been defined. If there is some new idea or new product to develop, customer may work with Sceiba.

13. Sceiba development history and overview:
Answser: Refer to company profile