Electric Hand Warmer

Electric Hand Warmer

1.  5V USB battery electric heated, one button control, low temperature battery is optional .

2.  Three temperature settings, Red 52c°C/127°F, Blue 45°C/113°F, Green 35°C/95°F

3.  By the frared ray the knee pads are sustainable heating and improve the blood circulation.

4.  Hand warmer can water resistant.

5. External battery system is safe.

5.Customer tailored design and development service is available.

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Product Description

Electric Hand Warmer

Due to the battery heating system, they generate far infrared rays to sustainable heating.

On balance, heating temperatures are divided into 3 temperature degrees. which are high temperature 52 degrees, medium temperature 45 degrees, low temperature 35 degrees. For example, press and hold the controller for 2 seconds to power on. You can cycle press the button to choose heating mode for Red -high, Blue – medium, Green -low.

By the way, the battery isn’t included. You can choose whether 3700mAh or 5000mAh. 

Wouldn’t you rather have it?

Electric Hand Warmer

* Nano titanium crystal double layer heating, the palm of the back of the hand heat evenly, good heating effect

* No water heating, 5V low voltage charging design, no safety risks

* Washable and machine washable, easy to clean


Electric Hand Warmer data

  Heating Element :    Use the Nano alloy fiber
  Heating Zone:    On the hand
  Power Supply:    Use the USB 5V battery with 2A battery.
  Rating output:   The rating output is 6W +/-10%
  Output:    The heating mode, which red -high can output 6W,  Blue-medium can output 4W,Green-low can output 3W.
  3700 mAh battery heating time:   In fact, it can be up to 1.5H at high temperatures, 2H at medium temperatures,3H at low temperatures.
  Using condition:   Of course, it can be used on all ambient temperatures.
  Heating Temperature:   In effect, High temperature at 52 ° C; medium temperature at 45 ° C ; low temperature at 35° C.
  Machine washing:     Also, it is up to washing 40 cycles.
  Configuration:     The configuration consists of a heating product,a control cable and an optional battery.
  Remark :   Battery isn’t included. You can choose whether 3700mAh or 5000mAh.


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Electric Heating Hand warmer Electric Heating Hand warmer Electric Heating Hand warmer
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