Electric Heating Insole

Electric Heating Insole

Electric Heating Insole

1.  Unisex Smart Heating Insole .

2. Stretchy nylon + PU + Flannelette material

3.  Safety, waterproof, fast heating, soft and comfortable.

4.  Foot heating design, lasting warmth

5.  Two operating modes, manual switch and remote control

6.  Three gears temperature adjustable

7.  Available in four size segments from 35 to 46

8.  The plastic battery case and Titanium alloy stand support 500kg to protect the built-in battery

9.  Customer tailered design and development service is available.

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Product Description

Electric Heating Insole

Due to the battery heating system, they generate far infrared rays that improve blood circulation. At the same time , it can be sustainable heating.

On balance, heating temperatures are divided into 3 temperature degrees. Which are high temperature 45-50 degrees , medium temperature 40-45 degrees and low temperature 35-40 degrees.

At first, we use the unique BMS design which can automatically detect the long-term non-working state. And then, it can automatically enter the sleep state. ​Finally, it is so to achieve saves power for a longer use of time.

In fact, we use the smart protection board. Because it with the overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature protection effect. Also, we use the pressure-resistant design. It with a titanium alloy bracket in the insole. It can support the battery cell from being squeezed and ensure the safety of the battery cell.

The insole has two operating modes, manual switch and remote control.

By the way, the insole charging time is about 3 hours. 

Wouldn’t you rather have it?

Electric Heating insole data

  Heating Element :    Use the Nano alloy fiber
  Heating Zone:    On the foot
  Power Supply:    Use 2200Mah lithium polymer rechargeable battery.
  Input voltage:   DC 5V
  Input current:    DC 1A
   Battery heating time:   In fact, it can be up to 3.5H at high temperatures, 6H at medium temperatures,9H at low temperatures.
  Using condition:   If using high-density low-temperature batteries, it can heat up at a low temperature of minus 20 degrees.
  Heating Temperature:   In effect, High temperature at 45-50 degrees constant temperature; medium temperature at 40-45 degrees constant temperature ; low temperature at 35-40 degrees constant temperature.
  Washing:     Also, it is has IP67 waterproof design ( not only the battery pack is waterproof, but also the heating module is waterproof )
  Remark :  Washable: it can hand wash or dry clean, but not machine washable.

   Standard size 35-38 39-42 43-46 47-50
   Insole length 22.5-24cm 24.5-26cm 26.5-28cm 28.5-30cm




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