Heating Seat cushion

Heating Seat cushion

1.  5V USB battery electric heated, one button control, low temperature battery is optional .

2.  Three temperature settings, Red 52°C/127°F, Blue 45°C/113°F, Green 35°C/95°F

3.   By the frared ray the seat cushion is sustainable heating and improve the blood circulation to Relieve tired.

4.  Seat cushion can water resistant.

5.  External battery system is safe.

5.  Customer tailored design and development service is available.

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Product Description

Electric Heating Seat cushion

1. According to the comfortable support, care for the buttocks and protect the tail vertebrae. It is a good partner for home/office/driving.

2. Certainly, the unique butterfly shape design conforms to the natural physiological curve.

3. Concave design to relieve thigh pressure as well as relax thigh muscles.

4. As can be seen, the bottom of the mat has a non-slip effect.

5. In addition, slow rebound memory foam can put zero pressure on the tail vertebrae and effectively relieve muscle discomfort.

6. Designed for All Types of Seating: The best back and lumbar support for home or office chairs, cars, airplane seats, wheelchairs, and many other indoor and outdoor chairs.

Heating Seat Cushion


Through a battery heating system, they produce far infrared, sustainable heating. At the same time, it can relieve fatigue.

Not only does it improve blood circulation, it also relieves fatigue. In addition, it promotes healthy immune function in the legs and buttocks.

As has been noted, the cushion has 3 temperature adjustment, heating temperature is divided into high temperature 52°C, 45 °C, low temperature 35 °C.
For example: Long press the controller for 2 seconds to start the heating mode. As long as started, it heats up quickly. Press the button repeatedly to select the heating mode as red – high, blue – medium, green – low.

By the way, the battery isn’t included. This product needs external power supply, you can choose whether 3700 mAh or 5000 mAh. 

Wouldn’t you rather have it?

Heating Seat Cushion data

  Heating Element :    Use the Nano alloy fiber
  Heating Zone:    On the Elbow
  Power Supply:    Use the USB 5V battery with 2A battery.
  Rating output:   The rating output is 6W +/-10%
  Output:    The heating mode, which red -high can output 6W,  Blue-medium can output 4W,Green-low can output 3W.
  3700 mAh battery heating time:   In fact, it can be up to 1.5H at high temperatures, 2H at medium temperatures,3H at low temperatures.
  Using condition:   Of course, it can be used on all ambient temperatures.
  Heating Temperature:   In effect, High temperature at 52 ° C; medium temperature at 45 ° C ; low temperature at 35° C.
  Machine washing:     Also, it is up to washing 40 cycles.
  Configuration:     The configuration consists of a heating product,a control cable and an optional battery.
  Remark :   Battery isn’t included. You can choose whether 3700mAh or 5000mAh.


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Electric Heating Seat cushion Electric Heating Seat cushion Electric Heating Seat cushion Electric Heating Seat cushion
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