Intelligent Heating Mask

Intelligent Heating Mask

Intelligent Heating handbag: Unveil Versatile Warmth

1. Ultimate Winter Companion: Beyond hand warming, this handbag tackles diverse cold-weather issues.

2. Innovative Multifunctional Design: Targeted heat for hands, waist, and abdomen.

3. Dual-Purpose Comfort: Doubles as a heated seat cushion for luxurious warmth.

4. Intelligent Material Selection: Plush interior, windproof exterior, and easy maintenance.

5. Effortless Upkeep: Waterproof design for simple machine washing.

6. Stylish Convenience: Transforms into a chic crossbody with the included chain.


Product Description

Intelligent Heating Mask

Intelligent Heating Mask Key Features:

  1. Three Temperature Settings: Equipped with three temperature settings, meeting users’ personalized heating needs in different environments, ensuring a comfortable experience.
  2. Four-Timing Modes: Built-in four timing functions allow users to set heating times according to their needs, providing a more flexible user experience while preserving battery life.
  3. Targeted Design for Eye and Nose Areas: Uniquely designed to focus on the eye and nose areas, effectively alleviating discomfort around the nose and eyes, providing localized warmth and care.
  4. Ergonomic Design: The mask adopts an ergonomic design, comfortably fitting the contours of the face to ensure comfort during wear.
  5. Patented Charging Port: Featuring a unique patented charging port design, convenient for charging, ensuring stable and safe charging.
  6. Lightweight and Portable: Designed with lightweight materials for easy portability, suitable for various occasions such as outdoor activities and office use.
  7. Environmentally Friendly Materials: Made with environmentally friendly materials that comply with international safety standards, ensuring user health and safety.


Intelligent Heating Mask data

  Heating Element :    Use the Nano alloy fiber
  Heating Zone:    nose,eye
  Power Supply:    Use 2200Mah lithium polymer rechargeable battery.
  Input voltage:   DC 5V
  Input current:    DC 1A
   Battery heating time:   In fact, it can be up to 2H at high temperatures, 3H at medium temperatures,4H at low temperatures.
  Using condition:   If using high-density low-temperature batteries, it can heat up at a low temperature of minus 20 degrees.
  Heating Temperature:   In effect, High temperature at 45-50 degrees constant temperature; medium temperature at 40-45 degrees constant temperature ; low temperature at 35-40 degrees constant temperature.
  Washing:     Also, it is has IP67 waterproof design ( not only the battery pack is waterproof, but also the heating module is waterproof )
  Remark :  Washable: it can hand wash or dry clean, but not machine washable.




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Intelligent Heating Mask Intelligent Heating Mask Intelligent Heating Mask

Sceiba offers a diversified portfolio that serves a number of applications in outdoor garments, under wears, shoes, households, and thermotherapy products. Our products help branded companies to develop new function products, help the end user to live a more comfortable and better life. Sceiba strives to strengthen the joint points between traditional garment and electrical hardware, bring more and more electrical functions to fashion garments, and contribute to our healthy and intelligent communities.


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Joint developed intelligent Yoga garment with customer, which was called The Best Yoga Innovations 2019 by Forbes.

Commissioned development safety LED vest with school for pupils

Commissioned development cooling system for firefighter


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