Hight Quality

Sceiba combines the traditional art of intelligent fashion product designing and manufacturing practices to bring your product with 100% high quality.

About Our Team

Sceiba has R&D center, Rapid prototype center, Production center and Service center to serve customer. When a project is set up, a responsible quality engineer will be assigned to coordinate and control proudct quality from product development to product EOL.

Our Process

Everything For Delicate Details

Conceptual Design

Starting from an idea, a concept, or a reference sample from customer, Sceiba may work out detial product design together with customer


Base on approved design drawings, Sceiba rapid prototype center will create the prototype sample within 14 days

Project Planning

Base on prototype sample and forecast, A project plan including budget,  time line, quality plan will be worked out and approved with customer

Engineering Build

Base on project plan, Sceiba will arrange the engineering sample improvements and builds to meet the requirement as project plan

Qualification Build

When engineering sample approved, production will be moved from rapid prototype center to tailored set up production line, and qualification build will be arranged to qualify the production line, material, process and operation personel.

Mass Production

When qualification build is approved, production line, material, process and opertion people will be frozen for mass production to ensure production is stable.